Join as a Youth Leader

Thank you for considering to join us. We hope to welcome you to our network and look forward to learn from each other. Hopefully we may collaborate  towards contributing to a better today and tomorrow in such needed times.  

Can you identify with the description below as a young emerging individual/leader and have you already or are you willing to personally commit yourself to work towards below mentioned? JOIN US! *

◎ A conscious and empowered emerging leader between 18-35 years, who practices a leadership of values by striving to be internally empowered, socially responsible  and civically engaged;  

◎ Respects and values a sustainable, authentic and peaceful (co-)existence, by co-creating conducive environments for lifelong learning in order to cultivate  human qualities, talents and the quality of life, eventually empowering others around them to do so equally;  

◎ Strives to broaden his/her view on the world by developing an integral understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence between human societies and eco-structures; 

◎ Holds a strong commitment and determination to tackle the most pressing challenges of the 21st century on a personal, social, economic and ecological level as a change agent; 

◎ Strives non-violently with heart, mind and hands for a better today and tomorrow at this critical moment in human history; 

◎ Strives to be in alignment with embodying and acting towards a leadership of values in daily life, by constant awareness over one’s own intentions, thoughts, speech and actions through one’s own unique definition and ways of ethical, responsible and conscious living; 

◎ Joins SEN voluntarily with an intrinsic motivation while working towards alignment with SEN’s vision, core values and leadership approach. 

* You are very welcome to become a member of SEN's emerging intergenerational and value-driven world community. Ambassader Jon Ramer together with a number of youth delegates have made a basis for active membership  (including the possibility for local chapter formations, all of SEN’s activities, trainings, modules and online community services) during the offical launch of Synergized Earth Network at SENSummit2013, which has taken place on 10 - 12 December.

Complete active membership will be activated soon. 

SEN is an open invitation as a call to action for all into the world. If you feel the calling, we hope you can join our emerging value-driven world community in advance so that we can

1. Inform and update you on the most recent developments

2. Join forces and start actively collaborating towards co-creating the future we envision together.

Go HERE to see how you can contribute and participate as a SEN community member.