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By SEN, 30th December 2017

On the 18th of March 2017 co-founder Seren Dalkiran gave a TEDx talk at TEDxSquareMile in London with the theme the ‘School of Tomorrow’ on The Role of Millennials in The Emerging Story of Our Time.

In her talk she explores whether young people are the carriers of the characteristics of a new leadership paradigm that is responsive to tackling our pressing societal challenges. She reveals preliminary insights of her global field work and cutting-edge Ph.D. research that she conducted in 117 countries.

TEDxSquareMile is the TEDx event for The City of London hosted this year at the City Of London School, next to London’s iconic Millennium Bridge and nearby St Paul’s Cathedral. The theme of ‘School of Tomorrow’ was situated in the following framework:

“Today technology gives us unprecedented access to people and knowledge. This interconnectivity makes many more things possible, but also means the world is fluid and harder to predict. When learning no longer stops at school or university, and life changes faster than you can spell curriculum, the burning question on our minds is “what is the future of education and learning?” The following questions were explored in this TEDx edition around the ‘School of Tomorrow":

Does delivering content mean people are learning? Is education about learning about things or learning about you?

How can education help us build better societies?

Is technology making us smarter or just more stressed? 

By SEN, 14th December 2017


Based on her cutting-edge Ph.D. research on Millennial leadership in 117 countries Dr. Seren Dalkiran established the Millennial Leadership Lab (MLL).

This is a data-driven knowledge platform for and around Millennials offering a variety of services – from (customized) evidence-based leadership training, coaching, consultancy to public speaking services in order to help corporations, organizations and knowledge institutions to engage their internal and external Millennial workforce better.

In collaboration with the Centre for Innovation (CFI), the Faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences at Leiden University and HUBspot Leiden, the ‘Skills Academy:Maximize Your Potential!’ is the first emerging good practise established in higher education.

In the Skills Academy we experiment with new forms of learning (21st century & transferable skills) and leadership in higher education with the aim to help students to align their life and work goals to clarify their career direction and prepare for the workforce. 

By SEN, 3rd December 2017

Our co-founder Seren Dalkiran is selected in the list of 'Green Gamechangers' in the Colourful 100 (De Kleurrijke Top 100) this year.

" Initiator, co-founder and the driving force between the international networks Synergized Earth Network (SEN) and Millennial Motion: The Next Generation of Leadership Seren Dalkiran is a sustainable jack of all trades who makes a fundamental difference in The Netherlands and globally as a voice for a new generation that is searching for solutions for the most pressing societal challenges. "

The Colourful 100 list is an annual list of Dutch people who make a difference with their work, personality and vision towards a more inclusive society. 
"Initiator, mede-oprichtster en aanjager van het internationale Synergized Earth Network (SEN) en Millennial Motion: The Next Generation of Leadership. Seren is een duurzame duizendpoot die zowel in Nederland als internationaal een wezenlijk verschil maakt, als stem van en voor een nieuwe generatie die zoekt naar oplossingen voor mondiale vraagstukken."