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By SEN, 12 March 2017

To provide Millennial leaders with this platform to voice their perspectives and a call to action, The Next Generation of Leadership: Millennial Motion Istanbul edition will be organized by Synergized Earth Network (SEN), Impact Hub Istanbul, KODA & BookMorning supported by Ashoka Turkey and Robert Bosch Stiftung.

 This event will take place on the 31st of March 2017 at Impact Hub Istanbul bringing together youth leaders and social entrepreneurs across Turkey and will be followed by a 2-day retreat on the 1/2 April 2017 to build a common vision and strategy to address the next generation of leadership among Turkish youth. Please click here for the event announcement in Turkish. 

During this event the ‘MillennialTalks’ will be organized again. The story of a new generation of Millennial leaders who are emerging and the dynamics among youth in Turkey will be addressed.

Millennial leaders and social entrepreneurs in Turkey will represent valuable voices and perspective across various impact areas covering civil society, business, environment, education, technology and health. Intergenerational and multi-stakeholder dialogue and cooperation will be enhanced by responses from stakeholders, elders and mutual mentors across different sectors.

The MillennialTalks focus on understanding the new generation of leaders and the leadership they find necessary in order to equip themselves to become resilient in the face of pressing societal challenges.

We look forward to welcome you at our next Millennial Motion (Istanbul) edition!


By SEN, 13 January 2016

We hope you enjoyed a wonderful festive season and entered a hopeful 2017 regardless of all the current developments in our world. 

We look forward to keep working towards a more just, peaceful and sustainable world and ‘Thrive Together as One’ in our joined journey across generations! 

Looking back at a fruitful year of transition for us as an organization, community and growing global value-driven intergenerational network we have learned many organizational and leadership lessons.

▶ Please click here to read the full retrospect of 2016 and prospect of a new horizon

By SEN, 30th May 2016 

It is critical to focus on where hope and potential lies. The hope of new generations. Especially during these pressing times in the world on multiple levels, we are in need of new and hopeful perspectives.

In that light, the Millennial Motion: The Next Generation of Leadership launch took place on the 14th of April at the Centre for Innovation, Hague Campus Leiden University in collaboration with the Millennial Research Team, Synergized Earth Network (SEN), OYWTheHague, HagueTalks and supported by the Municipality of The Hague, Impact  Economy program, herebysupporting​ ImpactCity-The Hague Innovators. 

The purpose of this launch was a natural fit to the city of The Hague as the international city of peace and justice.