BOOKS is a literature platform for a number of titles that have contributed to the vision and the development of SEN. Some of the selected titles below were not published recently. Yet SEN has chosen to give these books the acknowledgement we believe they deserve, precisely because their impact and value has endured over the years - making them into timeless works

These titles may interest you and we aim to continuously develop this section together with others. Do you have titles from a perspective or field of interest that aligns with what we envision to bring with SEN?

Please feel welcome to CONTACT US and provide a short basis for a book review. We are thankful to consider your suggestion.

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Blessed Unrest

by Paul Hawken

As an entrepreneur, environmentalist and as one of the leading thinkers on ecological business [...]

  A Matter of  


   by Klaas van Egmond

SEN’s Integral Worldview is partly based on ‘A matter of civilization.’ As a prominent Dutch environmental [...]

  The Green  
  Belt Movement
   by Wangari Maathai


Wangari Maathai who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004, initiated the internationally  [...] 



  as Freedom
    by Amartya Sen


Amartya Sen, a widely recognized economist and philosopher known for social choice theory [...] 

The Limits to
by D.Meadows, J.Randers
& D.Meadows.

Limits to Growth moved the world when it was first published in 1972. Yet thirty years have  [...]

 We Make the
 Road by Walking

  by M.Horton & P.Freire


Horton as the founder of Highlander, a small independent adult learning center   [...] 

 Education, Cultural 
 Myths & the 
 Ecological Crisis
  by C.A. Bowers
In this book we return to one of the root causes of the ecological crisis. It is daring in the sense [...]
 Small is

  by E.F. Schumacher


In the seventies Schumacher’s essays in ‘Small is Beautiful’ reminded the world [...]

The Fifth Discipline

 by Peter Senge
As a scientist and innovator on social systems modeling and organizational    [...]

 The Dream of the  Earth

  by Thomas Berry


In the Dream of the Earth, cultural historian Thomas Berry presents a reorientation and revival [...]


   by Daniel Quinn


A thought-provoking and beautiful narrative of a man in search of what goes far beyond his imagination [...]

 The Hero with 
 Thousand Faces 

  by Joseph Campbell


‘Over and over again, you are called to the realm of adventure, you are called to new horizons.   Each [...]

 The Essential

  by Jalāl ad-Dīn
  Muhammad Rūmī


We have chosen The Essential Rumi. Through all lines that are written by his  [...]


 We are the Ones
 We have been
 Waiting for

  by Alice Walker


‘We are an ancient, ancient people who need to be more connected to the [...]


 The Collected

  by Kahlil Gibran


As one of the most widely read artists, Gibran’s work covers drawings, poetry and [...]


  A Time for
  New Dreams

   by Ben Okri


Okri reminds us of the vitality of imagination.
To keep on dreaming as to not lose that sense  [...]

 Freedom from
 the Known

  by Jiddu Krishnamurti


Freedom from the Known invites us to not only read along, but to think along truthfully  and to [...]

Gandhi - My
with Truth

by Mohandas K. Gandhi

Throughout the 20th century Gandhi has remained a key figure in the history of   [...]

 Long Walk
 to Freedom
  by Nelson Mandela


Mandela’s memoires evoke a sense of how tremendously long his walk to freedom [...]