Become an Ambassador

Thank you for considering to join us. We hope to welcome you to our network and look forward to learn from each other. Hopefully we may collaborate with you towards contributing to a better today and tomorrow in such needed times.  

Can you identify yourself with the description underneath as a possible ambassador or are you willing to personally commit yourself to below mentioned in case you recognize common grounds? And are you willing to become a mutual mentor for the younger generation on equal grounds? JOIN US! 

Become an ambassador 
◎ A mindful individual who is 36 years or older and personally commits him or herself to work towards social and sustainable change for a better today and tomorrow in every possible circumstance and situation.

◎ A conscious and empowered leader across all sectors and segments of society who is willing to be an ‘ambassador’, an Elder and possible ’mutual mentor’ for the younger generation who practices value-driven leadership approaches in working towards a more just, peaceful and sustainable future;

◎ Respects a value-driven leadership approach, strives to  lead a sustainable, authentic and peaceful (co-)existence and is willing to co-create conducive environments for lifelong learning to cultivate human qualities, their talents and the quality of their lives and empower others around them to do so equally;

◎ Strives to broaden his/her view on the world by developing an integral understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence between human societies and eco-structures;

◎ Is constantly open to equip him or herself with the necessary knowledge, expertise, wisdom and skills to guide, coach and learn from young emerging leaders through ‘mutual mentorship’ on equal grounds;

◎ Is willing to join forces with young emerging leaders to tackle the most pressing challenges of our time on a social, economic and ecological level with human dignity and human development at its core;

◎ Joins SEN voluntarily with an intrinsic motivation, whilst also working towards alignment with SEN’s vision, its core values and leadership approach.