Become a Partner Organization

Thank you for considering to join us. We hope to welcome you to our network and look forward to learn from each other. Hopefully we may collaborate with you towards contributing to a better today and tomorrow in such needed times.  

We are looking forward to start shared-value collaborations with possible partner organizations working towards a more just, peaceful and sustainable future across sectors and within different fields of operation. Can your organization identify with the description below, is your organization already committed to certain aspects or willing to commit to work towards it?  CONTACT US!

     Apply as a partner 

◎ A potential shared-value collaborator as (local) partner organization, stakeholder and/or funder of companies, individuals, social enterprises and (fair trade) organizations who acknowledges the importance of and practise a leadership of values in working towards social and sustainable change processes within their respective fields of expertise;  

◎ The organization is willing to contribute to the strengthening of our vision to foster shared-value collaborations and enhance cohesion among existing aligned capacities for social and sustainable change across sectors and segments of society to tackle the most pressing social, economical and ecological challenges of the 21st century and generate solutions where necessary and possible. 

◎ The organization places cultivating human qualities, talents and the quality of life at the heart of its core values, policy and daily operations.

◎ The organization values or strives to develop an integral understanding of the interconnected and interdependent nature of life, human societies and eco-structures;

◎ The organization is willing and committed to support our vision and operations on local, national, regional and global scale within reach and ability;

◎ Joins SEN voluntarily or based upon partnering contracts, with an intrinsic motivation, whilst working towards alignment with SEN’s vision, mission, core values and leadership approach.