Relevant Websites

Below you can visit various websites that are of interest to SEN as a lifelong learning community and as a platform for uniting aligned capacities. During the process of establishing SEN we realized how many hopeful initiatives and organizations there already are in the world. We look forward for the future they may bring, as the list below  is just a starting point.
Do you know an organization, opportunity, project or initiative that needs to be shared and do you feel this is the right place for an inventory? Please let us know and feel welcome to CONTACT US. 
 The Berkana Institute - Community Building

 Embercombe - Touching Hearts, Stimulating Minds and Inspiring Committed Action
     for a Truly Sustainable World

◎ Schumacher College - Transformative Learning for Sustainable Living

◎ Bioneers - Holistic education on Global Social, Cultural and Environmental Issues
Wiserearth The Social Network for Sustainability
     The Natural Capital Institute - Origins of Wiserearth

Art of Hosting - Harvesting Conversations that Matter


 The Green Belt Movement - Community Empowerment for Sustainable Change

Sekem - Integrating Sustainable Agriculture, Business models, Education and
                     Health  Care 

 Other Worlds - A Women-driven and Movement-building Collaborative

◎ Centre for Science and Environment New Delhi - Public Interest & Advocacy
                                                                                             research organization 

The Club of Budapest - International Foundation for Dialogue and Ethics

Hesselbein Global Academy - Global Academy for Student Leadership
                                                           and Civic Engagement

◎ Institute for Noetic Sciences - Supporting Individual and Collective Transformation 

◎ The Santa Fe Institute - Complex, Social and Living Systems research

Transformation Strategies - Supporting Leaders in the Private, Public and Community 
     sector through the principles of Holistic Science for Strategic Change

Donella Meadows Institute - At the cutting edge of Systems thinking and Collaborative 
     learning for economic, environmental and social Sustainability 

 CIIS - Integral Education in service for Individuals, Community and the Earth

Triple Bottom Line - Social Impact and Sustainability consultancy & Think-Do-Thank
Ideas For Us - Environmental Awareness Solutions

Sansori - Innovative Education for Innovative Enterprise

 Share People - Empowering Social Entrepreneurship in the World

The Unreasonable Institute - Network of Social Entrepreneurs
The Anthropocene - A Planet Transformed by Humanity
Water Life - Interactive centre and film on the history and
                            condition of Water on Earth

Charter for Compassion - Document to restore Compassionate Thinking and Acting
◎  Four Worlds Institute - Unifying the Human Family through the Fourth Way

The Pachamama Alliance - Indigenous Empowerment for the Amazon 

◎ Generation Waking Up - A Global Campaign to bring forth a Thriving,
                                                 Just and Sustainable World

Yip - International Youth Initiative Program for Social Entrepreneurs

United Networks of Young Peacebuilders - Youth-led Network in South-America,
                                                                                  Africa and Asia

◎  Initiatives of Change - Building Trust across the World's Divides
      Caux Scholars Program - Inspire, Equip and Connect People as Trustbuilders
Blue Ribbon Movement - Social Organisation for creating and nurturing Social Leaders

 Pravah - Inspiring Youth Citizenship

◎ Yes - Connecting and Inspiring Young Social Change Leaders

The Natural Step - Strategic Planning Framework for Sustainable Solutions

 LIEN Singapore - Centre for Social Innovation

◎  Ted - Ideas Worth Spreading 



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