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             The Role of Millennials in The Emerging Story of Our Time
                Dr. Seren Dalkiran, Initiator and Co-founder Synergized Earth Network 



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News & Recent Developments

26 Jan, 2018

SEN Ambassador and Elder Mac Macartney shares his message and call to action to young people all around the world to take up their role in the global transition we are undergoing to ensure a future we are capable of.

30 Dec, 2017

On the 18th of March 2017 co-founder Seren Dalkiran gave a TEDx talk at TEDxSquareMile in London with the theme the ‘School of Tomorrow’ on The Role of Millennials in The Emerging Story of Our Time

13 Dec, 2017
The 'Skills Academy: Maximize Your Potential!' was the first pilot that took place between September - December 2017 at the Faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences at Leiden University in collaboration with the Centre for Innovation (CFI), the Millennial Leadership Lab (MLL) and the support of HUBspot Leiden.

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